I have been modelling for around 20 years now.

I have taken part in photographic shoots, catwalk shows and television programmes all over the World.

It is the most fabulous career choice but is a lot of hard work, travelling on your own and lots of super early mornings, but all worth it for the experiences you have and the people you get to meet.

Plus Size or Curve Modelling now usually starts from around a UK size 10/12 – crazy huh when you think that the average size in the UK is around a 16 these days!

Therefore, a lot of the mainstream modelling agencies now also have curve divisions as the crossover has happened without them even having to think about it!

When I first started out modelling many moons ago, you had to be a size 16+ to even be considered to become a plus size model. There was only one Agency in the UK who catered for fuller figured girls and that was Hughes Models and the fabulous Cheryl Hughes. Cheryl has since moved on and Hughes Models is now part of IMM Models – whose details are below along with some other reputable agencies.


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  You dont have to spend a fortune getting a whole new portfolio of photos done. Beware please – there are a lot of companies out there who are not legit – if in any doubt at all, email me and I will tell you if they are reputable or not!

All you have to do is send in a couple of snapshots of yourself – one close up of your face and one full length with minimal make up and an outfit which shows off your shape.

Most Agencies have on-line applications that are easy to fill in – you will usually have to include your contact details, pictures as discussed above and your stats – height, bust, waist and hip measurements.

If an Agency is interested in representing you, they will ask you to meet them. This is so important – yes of course, they get you the work but they are taking a percentage from you too – a big percentage at that – modelling agencies can charge anywhere between 20% and 40% per booking – so it is vital that you find out if you can work together as it really is a 2 way partnership.

Be prepared for lots of travelling – to castings and go-sees. A Casting is where the client asks for Agencies to send models who they think they may be looking for – you have to turn up with your portfolio, they may ask you to walk for them or indeed do a piece to camera, depending on what job it is you are casting for. Go-sees are more like “drop in’s” really – for example, if you are in a certain area, your Agency may ask you to stop by and see a client or a photographer as a more casual affair. The digital age has now meant that models can be booked by Direct Castings – i.e the client will ask the Model to do a video or pictures of themselves and then forward it onto the Agency for them to view – this is great because it is a lot less expensive and far less hassle than taking a whole day out of your schedule to put yourself forward for a job.

Modelling these days is a lot to do with your Social Media reach – clients are very happy if they can book a gorgeous model who also has a lot of followers across the different platforms – so get tweeting, instagramming and facebooking away! In fact, a lot of Agencies these days put your social reach on your portfolio page on the Agency website, so even more reason to get social media savvy!

Remember, you are GORGEOUS! The fashion industry has a notorious reputation for being rather harsh on models- however, in my experience, this isnt so prevalent in the plus size World. Remember, this career does not define you as a person – if it all clicks into place for you then great but if not, please dont worry, you are obviously destined for other wonderful things! Enjoy the journey and Good Luck!