Plus Size Pioneer

Becky Barnes Blog was the first plus size blogger that I ever followed on Twitter. I was drawn to her instantly, her fabulous sense of humour, amazing knowledge within the industry and that face! Such a beautiful face 🙂

Plus North

Becky was a pioneer in the plus size industry when she along with one of her friends set up “Plus North” which was an absolutely fabulous, body positive event dedicated to curvy women. It was the first of its kind within the curvy community and was received with open arms by fuller figured Ladies.

This is actually where I met a lot of plus size bloggers for the first time, just before things started being taken more seriously in the Curve Industry and people really started to sit up and take more notice of curvier girls. I truly believe that Becky was a catalyst for this.

A True Inspiration – Becky’s Story

I’ve been blogging for over six (!) years now, I started blogging when my little girl was one, I was at home, my then husband was working long hours and I was living in a strange town, so I turned to social media for company really. It was there I saw people talking about blogs. I was 31 at the time so I think the whole phenomenon of blogging had passed me by, so I was curious to find out what they were all about. I found myself trawling through pages of fantastic women who all looked like me, they were my size. They weren’t models, they weren’t thin. They were big, just like me and it was a revelation. I soon decided I wanted a go myself! So the Ramblings of Mrs BeBe (as my blog was called for many years) was born. Within 6 months, I found myself being approached by brands like Simply Be and Evans and I attended my first event in London where I met Gok Wan. It was also there that I got to meet Rivkie from SLiNK Magazine, who offered me the opportunity to write for her, and set me on a path to where I am today, so thank you Riv. Along that path I spent a few years organising a national plus size fashion event called Plus North with my friend Toni, which we won a British Plus Size Award for.

What is involved with being a plus size blogger, for ladies who may not have heard of this before?

I always try and explain a blog as an online magazine, it’s a place where the author writes articles, and posts fashion reviews/editorials. For me personally, I work with a lot of brands who send me clothing which I will wear, take photos of and then review, advising my readers on things like fit, quality, fabric and how to style the garment. I also write articles on things that mean a lot to me like Mental Health, Plus Size issues and parenting.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I would say it’s definitely eclectic. I love masculine tailoring and androgynous style, then the next day I’ll be in a floaty dress and biker jacket doing the whole boho thing! I adore a good jumpsuit and I’m always happier wearing jeans and trainers than I am in a dress!

Any top tips when it comes to styling different body shapes?

My only rule is, be comfortable. If you feel comfortable in something, you’ll feel fabulous. Don’t be afraid to try new things, if it doesn’t work for you that’s okay, try something else! Have fun with fashion.

Do you have any favourite brands that you love to buy from or indeed work with?

I love Live Unlimited, I’m a brand ambassador with them, so it might sound biased, but I love their laid back, stylish clothes. Navabi are amazing too, their customer service and dedication to the plus size community is unrivalled and the breadth of range they carry is fantastic, from every day brands to high end designers, they have got something to suit most budgets and styles.

What are your thoughts on how the Curve Industry is evolving at the moment?

I think although there is still a long way to go, we are slowly experiencing better diversity in terms of shape and size, there is still poor representation of people of colour, and from a purely selfish point of view, I’d love to see more short haired, androgynous looking babes. But if you’d have asked me 10 years ago if I thought I’d ever see women my size on the catwalk and in the media, I would have said no, and we’ve got blogs to thank for that. They have given the every day woman a voice.

What does the future hold for you my love? Any exciting projects coming up?

I have just shot a campaign for Navabi with Em from Terrible Tumbles and Chloe Pierre, I’m so excited to see the results from that. Other than that, just lots more of the usual stuff, reviews, articles and hopefully more collaborations. I also appeared on Lorraine last week, so maybe more TV work? Who knows, I just hope I can carry on, because even after six years, I still love it.

We have so much Love for this amazing Lady! We are very lucky to have her as part of our fabulous team here at Love Curves

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Lots of Love