Welcome to LOVE CURVES


Hello Everybody and Welcome to Love Curves!

My name is Nina Blakemore and I am the face, voice and heart behind LOVE CURVES. I have worked as a curve model for around 20 years now in various areas including photographic, catwalk and tv work however, I am now focusing more on my role as a Curve Ambassador.



A Plus Size Platform

Love Curves is a plus size platform where curves come together.

I wanted to create a positive, happy, safe, knowledgeable place for all curvy women – utilising all my knowledge and experience from the past 20 years in the plus size industry.

I have brought together lots of different Plus Size Brands and Retailers and housed them altogether in one place making it is easier for you to search and shop for fabulous clothes online.

I will be sharing with you all the latest in plus size fashion – lots of new designers who are fresh onto the scene. Not forgetting the gorgeous plus size boutiques who also carry designer brands.

No matter what size, style, age or budget you have, I am confident that you will find something you like.

Information & Support

I am able to help you work out the ideal styles for you to wear for your own body shape – I have 5 Gorgeous Ladies that I cant wait to introduce you to – they all have different Body Shapes but you will be pleased to know that they wont be referenced to individual pieces of fruit – one of my biggest bugbears!

Body Confidence is also a subject that is really close to my heart – so I will be sharing some of my own personal stories with you.

I am also keen to build an online community for all of us amazing ladies where we can offer each other support and advice on a variety of different topics.

Plus there will be lots more information about plus size events, bloggers, magazines, celebrities, groups and so on. There will also be modelling advice too, as this is a question I get asked a lot about, so I will be sharing with you all the information I have to point you in the right direction.

So, Thank YOU for being here, thank you for supporting me.

Keep In Touch

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I would love to hear from you 🙂

Lots of Love